Iphone alarm not working on silent

I have been late twice to work because of this issue. This is so frustrating!

Why won't my iphone ring? Most common Fixes

Okay everyone, here is the the actual answer Tested on 6s plus ; If you turn your volume down, the alarm will NOT be heard because its volume is also decreased. Don't be fulled by these articles, I was late for work because of this bullshit. Turn your volume up and then go into your settings and set up a quiet time under "do not disturb.

This will silence calls and alerts until then and you can even choose to let calls from certain people through. Hope this helps you out.. If you turn the little switch above the the volume control on the left to silent, your alarm will still go off.

iPhone Alarm Won’t Go Off (Not Working)? Fix it Now!

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Add new comment Comments Thanks for missing my plane after silent on - vibrate on silent off After setting my Alarm at 9: Happen to me today, late for work. You're lucky for browsing through this page if you're stuck in the problem "Why is my alarm not working on iPhone". Check and fix it yourself by following the steps. After setting the alarm, you should also check whether the volume is high enough and whether the mute button is off.

iPhone Alarm Not Working? Here are 10 Ways to Fix It

Because as the mute button is on, no matter how loud your alarm is, you can hear nothing, letting you regard iPhone alarm volume is not working. When setting your alarm, please ensure the right time and make the right set of a. Of course, if you want to fix your alarm period, you can go to tap on 'Repeat' button and choose your time.

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The alarm is based on the sound system to make a sound, so if your alarm doesn't work, you could turn to sound setting to check whether your sound setting works well. And then ensure that you have chosen a tone for your alarm, or iPhone alarm doesn't work. Except for the above situations, there is another case that will cause alarm failure-alarm overlap.

7 effective tips to fix iOS 11 alarm not working

At this moment, you just only clean the previous alarm setting and reset your new alarm. It's necessary to take time for the device to adjust and apply the settings. The following steps provide instruction for you to restart:. Although sometimes we have made proper settings for our iPhone, the alarm still fails to work.

iPhone alarm not working? Check your ringer volume

At this time, we need to consider some third-party apps that conflict with our device, which will prevent the operation of the alarm, and your iPhone alarm won't ring and stay silent. Only two steps to delete such apps:.

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Sometimes we may use accessories such as headphones, Bluetooth, speaker or other portable devices, through which we cannot hear the alarm sound because the sound has been transferred through these devices. Thus, when setting alarm, we are supposed to ensure that we have disconnected our mobile device with accessories. Most people will ignore the update of iOS version for the new version needs to take up more space and takes more time to download and install.

But actually, the new version will always discover some bugs and deficiencies, including some alarm not playing song issues, from the old one. Here is the instruction: Check if your iPhone won't update. Only a simple factory default can bring your device setting to original condition without any loss your data, which is also useful to resolve your alarm problem. Here we also provide an ultimate strategy if you still fail to settle your iPhone alarm not going off issue through the methods above. Reset your settings, that means clean all of your data and settings.

So before doing this, don't forget to back up your important data and files. When the alarm of our iPhone out of order, some people will naturally reset their devices or even clean all the settings. So you can turn your ringer off to avoid other distractions and know that the alarm will still wake you up at 7 a. And it will still alert you in 9-minute intervals if the "snooze" button is selected or if the alarm goes unnoticed.

That said, should you accidentally select "stop," the alarm will be turned off completely. While your ringer being on or off doesn't impact your alarm, ringer volume settings will affect it.

From volume problems to skipped alarms, here's what to do

If kept on the lowest ringer setting, the alarm may fail to rouse a heavier sleeper. The first step is to select your "Clock" app and go to "Alarm. To make changes, turn on an alarm and tap "Edit. Be sure to click save in the "Edit Alarm" page in order to put the changes into effect. If your device is connected to a speaker or headphones, the alarm will go off there.

Be sure that is not the case. If everything appears to be normal, then restart your phone and try deleting your alarms and setting them up again fresh.

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For future mishaps, set up a backup system.