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Download now! Landsat 8 captures images with greater detail, truer colors, and at an unprecedented frequency — capturing twice as many images as Landsat 7 does every day. This new rendition of Earth uses the most recent data available — mostly from Landsat 8 — making it our freshest global mosaic to date. In the new view of New York City, details like skyscrapers, building shadows, and baseball and softball fields in Central Park shine through.

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Processing imagery with Earth Engine To produce this new imagery, we used the same publicly available Earth Engine APIs that scientists use to do things like track global tree cover, loss, and gain ; predict Malaria outbreaks ; and map global surface water over a 30 year period. To put that in perspective, trillion pixels is 7, times more pixels than the estimated number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, or 70 times more pixels than the estimated number of galaxies in the Universe.

Open data is good for everyone This update was made possible in a large part thanks to the Landsat program and its commitment to free and accessible open data. Landsat, a joint program of the USGS and NASA, has observed the Earth continuously from to the present day and offers a wealth of information on the changes to the Earth's surface over time. And it's all available in Earth Engine!

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Google Earth Has A Completely Different Look Now And It Will Blow Your Mind

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  • Google Earth Has A Completely Different Look Now And It Will Blow Your Mind.
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