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Because snapshot runs on the simulator, the status bar is not realistic and inconsistent. This led me to Simulator Status Magic. Simulator Status Magic is a tool that modifies the iOS Simulator so that it has a perfect status bar.

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You can then launch your app and take perfect screenshots every time. The modifications made are designed to match the images you see on the Apple site and are as follows:.

Just add the following to your Podfile. This will install Simulator Status Magic into your CocoaPods library, and you can access it in your code by adding the following import to the top of your AppDelegate.

To sum up, the problems with existing techniques:

Once you have imported the library, add the following line at the top of your application: Now, whenever you launch the simulator, the time will be displayed as 9: Thankfully however, there is a way around this. You can then surround the import and the enableOverrides call in your AppDelegate. This short piece of code used in combination with snapshot and simulator status magic should give you a perfect status bar in all of your screenshots for your iOS App Store applications!

A new recording window will appear. The reason this trick works to give you a clean status bar in apps that lack a solid background is that Apple changes the actual status bar on your iPhone or iPad when you launch QuickTime screen recording. While the method described above works great for capturing all types of iOS screenshots, and is the only current method to capture clean status bars in apps without a solid background, there are some limitations compared to aforementioned solutions like Status Cleaner.

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The second issue is the lack of ability to customize the strength of your Wi-Fi and cellular signal display. With the QuickTime method, Wi-Fi and cellular strength will always be full, while an app like Status Cleaner lets you set specific cellular strength, include or omit the Wi-Fi indicator, and set a custom carrier text.

Considering these limitations, users may wish to keep an app like Status Cleaner around for processing screenshots of iOS apps that use a solid background behind the status bar, and turn to the QuickTime method only when dealing with an app that uses a status bar with a transparent background. Next, try quitting any other apps that may be attempting to access the device, such as iTunes or Photos.

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You may also wish to try using a different USB port on your Mac. Recording your iPhone or iPad screen via QuickTime can be a bit tricky to set up, but if your Mac and iDevice meet the system requirements mentioned earlier, you should be able to get it going with a bit of port-swapping and application troubleshooting. Want news and tips from TekRevue delivered directly to your inbox?