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Just select the language you want it to translate to, and it will translate simultaneously as you type - word by word. You can then edit the result as you see fit before sending the message. GBoard also has built-in search functions if you want to look up words, and you can copy and paste replies to translate them to a language you can read. What do you use translation apps for? Let us know in the comments. To my opinion the best translation is Deepl.

I use it on Android and my Chromebook. Far better than the Android version of Google Translate. Just try on a complex text and compare the results. I noticed too that translating with a photo is far more efficient with Microsoft Translator, which is able to translate the picture of an entire page. Google Translate works only by line. I'm a blogger and with Deepl. Deepl uses A I. I appreciate Microsoft and mainly Google translators because it is very easy to use, but for delicate or precise translation www. For long articles, I prefer to read my main ideas using an automated translator.

I use both Google Translate and Bing Translate. Even if the translation is not the best, I can figure out the value of the article and then read the English, and just the words and phrases I do not know or I am not sure I'm looking for in the dictionary. For beginners, for advanced, for professionals, to communicate in any other language and with anyone, these automatic translators are a real help. With their help, the world is closer to each other. The article said that Microsoft Translator is best for offline use. Why is this the case when Google translate has offline options?

What does Microsoft Translator do better in this regard? Google Translate is still the king. I saw something where you just touched the screen and the English word appeared. Thank you. Recently, I have used this app during my Asia tour.

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I feel very good and very helpful. Share with the people play. I am looking for an app that supposedly will translate immediately as you are speaking Thank you! I am going to Romania this month. What I would like to find is a translator that would accept my voice in English and be able to translate it to text or audio. Likewise, a person from Romania could input their language and have it translate to English. Does Microsoft Translator do this? Did you try Reverso Context? Very nice, but what I am looking for is an in app translator. I hate having to move from one window with copy and moving to another window to paste and then back again.

Has anyone accomplished this yet? I have Google translate - it does SMS text but not anything else. Yes, it is called App Translator, and I'm its developer! App Translator directly translates other apps by displaying an overlay with the translated text over the original, without need for selecting, copying, pasting, or switching apps. I should have been clearer, I need an' instant 'translation app, that will work in games.

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I don't think one exists. Someone could make a fortune. Thanks for your input. Even if I have cut, copy, paste. Any suggestions? Need one ASAP. Samsung Unpacked.

Reviews All. Create account Be part of the largest Android community. Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. Best Android apps of Best note taking apps. Jump to: Best all-round: Google Translate For offline use: Translate voice Best ad-free dictionary: Easy Language Translator For individual words: GBoard Best all-round translation app: We tried out Google Pixel Buds for real time translation. Is it a viable solution?

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Google Translate instantly translates texts of different sizes and colors. Microsoft Translator Microsoft jumped into the Android translation market with this simple and sophisticated app. Microsoft Translator has a clean interface with simple functions that work offline. Translate voice Translate Voice has the best voice recognition of any of the translation apps we could find.

Translate voice has the best voice recognition of any translation app. Translate voice is great for translating verbal communication. The best translation app for quick and easy use is Easy Language Translator. PONS is great for teaching you more about the words you translate. The accuracy of iTranslate is unmatched.

GBoard Whether you're traveling or sending messages to friends from around the world, it can be a pain to jump from app to app just to send a message in another language and translate replies. Read more here! Google Translate Price: Google Translate is probably the very best translation app on mobile. It supports over languages online and over 50 languages offline via typing.

It also translates stuff with your camera like menus or street signs. The app also supports handwriting, voice input, and typing input obviously. Finally, it can even translate a full conversation in real time if needed. This is the gold standard on mobile. Aside from the occasional goof or bug, there isn't much wrong with it.

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It's also free with no in-app purchases or ads. Innovative Software translation apps Price: Innovative Software is a developer on Google Play. They have a variety of bilingual dictionary apps. They also work well as translation apps. The apps all have the same features. That includes full offline support, auto suggestions, pronunciations, voice search, synonyms, antonyms, and word games for memorization practice.

There are dozens of languages. You simply find the one with the language you want and it translates between that language and English.

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All of the apps are free with advertising. We wish we could pay to remove the ads, but it's a relatively minor complaint. Klays-Development translation apps Price: They have a bunch of bilingual translation apps. There is also a single app with all of the languages included with dozens upon dozens of languages. The apps all feature a simple UI. You also get typing and voice inputs for translation. All of the individual translator apps have advertising with no premium version. Frankly, we recommend the one with all of the languages. It's the best deal. Microsoft Translator Price: Google Translate gets a lot of love.

However, Microsoft Translate is also pretty good. It supports over 60 languages. That's less than Google Translate. However, all of them are available offline. The app also supports two-way conversations with up to people at once , phrasebooks, pronunciation guides, Android Wear support, and alternate translations. It's actually surprisingly good. Plus, it's entirely free with no in-app purchases or ads as far as we can tell.

The UI is even pretty decent. If Google Translate is giving you trouble, Microsoft Translate might be the answer. Reverso Dictionary Price: Reverso Dictionary is another popular multilingual dictionary. It's not quite as good as Dict.

Download Google Translate for android

However, it's a viable option if those don't work for you. Additionally, the app features example sentences, audio pronunciations, word games for memorization, offline support, and more. The app has the occasional connection bug. There isn't much else wrong with it, though. It's not half bad, although we would recommend other apps on this list before we recommended this one. Thank you for reading!

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