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UC Browser is the leading mobile internet browser with more than million users across more than countries and regions. This product is currently available on all major operating platforms in 7 different languages.

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The first BlackBerry device, an email pager, was released in ;the millionth BlackBerry smartphone was shipped in June quarter of and the millionth smartphone was shipped in September quarter of Easily the best application out there on Blackberry even if the version is slightly older as compared to those on IOS and Android! A major problem with is the lack of flash player on the browser and going to youtube opens the mobile site which charges from your credit according to the network providers rates for WAP.

In this scenario, a great way around is to download this free application from the store to watch your favorite media content. It is a strictly WI-FI based service, nonetheless it lets you enjoy your videos without the added tension that your valuable credit is being utilized.

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The application is built with a nice UI and is responsive though videos seem to take slightly longer to load. A major flaw with blackberry phones esp the curve series is the lack of numeric battery values.

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All you is a bar on top indicating the battery and that at times may not quite tell you the true story of your battery. I found this application very handy.

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It shows the battery condition in a percentage value in your main menu. You also have the added option of displaying the battery temperature and voltage though personally speaking I have never used those features. Imagine having google translator with you always. Wont that be amazing cause you could then translate anything you read in an alien language to the one you understand. This is especially handy for those who are travelling abroad.

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Navita translator gives you the option of translating between a lot of languages.